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The new Reign Advanced, pictured in the Italian Alps during a recent global media launch for the 2018 Reign range. Sterling Lorence photo.

New Reign Range Earns Stellar Media Reviews!

1 September 2017

Giant introduced the all-new Reign range of enduro bikes in early August, and over the past month cycling media outlets around the world have been posting their reviews on it.

Initially launched at a global media event in Italy, where some of the top mountain bike editors from leading magazines and websites had a chance to test the Reign range on rugged alpine terrain, every new model features updated Maestro suspension technology and new geometry that was developed with input from Giant Factory Off-Road Team racers.

The updated Maestro rear suspension features 160mm of smooth travel and some key improvements that affect shock performance and the overall handling of the bike. A new trunnion mount allows for a longer shock stroke and a lower leverage ratio, which improves small-bump compliance and pedaling efficiency. The trunnion mount also allows for more insertion depth for longer dropper posts. And a new Advanced Forged Composite upper rocker arm increases frame stiffness, adds strength and reduces overall weight.

Dozens of reviews and feature stories have already appeared in print and online, from media outlets across Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.

Bike magazine editor Ryan Palmer had a chance to test ride the new model, and wrote about his first impressions:

“When compared to last year’s Reign, the new version is a vastly superior climber. Like the Reign that came before it, this version descends extremely well. The Reign finds a happy balance between being quick-footed and planted. Meanwhile, the suspension was supple and responsive, without any blown-out-La-Z-Boy-feel deep in the travel. Pointed downhill is where the Reign truly comes into its own.”

Describing his ride experience, Mike Kazimer from pinkbike.com wrote:

“I was especially impressed by just how energetic the Reign felt on the descents—even with the extra length that’s been added to the front end and the coil-sprung shock, it’s still easy to pop up and over rocks and roots at the blink of an eye. That pep made it easier to navigate through some of the more awkward sections of trail, along with tight switchbacks. The new Reign certainly hasn't lost any of its downhill prowess, and the updated suspension layout makes its 160mm of travel feel better than ever. This is a bike that can be a big, rock smashing brute when necessary, but it's also capable of dancing through tighter sections of trail with a surprising level of finesse.” 

To learn more about the full new range of Reign models, including video and tech details, click here.

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