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Need to recharge away from the bike?

Staying Active In The Off Season

18 October 2016

With the season over for plenty of riders, it’s time to refocus your training and plan ahead for next season. In the winter downtime, some people choose to explore other sports to keep fitness up whilst having valuable rest time away from the bike as you prepare for next year. Below we look at 4 activities you could try for your next cross training session.


Great for aerobic fitness, plus improving upper body strength without adding bulk, swimming is an excellent off season activity to include. Focus on technique to begin with and add distance and intensity slowly. The great thing about swimming is that it’s an easy workout for the cold winter months – most pools are nicely heated and indoors!

Try: 1 hour session with a 400m warm up, 10x200m main set with 15 secs rest in between and a 400m cool down.


An easy and convenient cardio workout, running is a great way to stay in shape away from the bike. Similar to swimming, running is very easy over the winter and its accessible – all you need is a pair of running trainers and weather appropriate clothing and you’re away. Start off slow though – you’ll have the fitness from cycling, but running takes some extra conditioning as the impact of running on hard surfaces can increase the risk of injury. Short and frequent runs will help initially, upping the distance as you improve.


Part exercise part meditation – the low intensity nature of hiking means that you can keep active and it gives you plenty of time to reflect over your season and to properly recharge the batteries, both physically and mentally. Hiking also lets you explore some new areas that aren’t accessible by bike, so you can see more of your surrounding areas and visit remote places in the UK. 

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing isn’t everyone’s first choice off season activity, however it makes perfect sense. Most centres in the UK are indoors shielding you from the elements, it builds upper body and core strength which helps on the bike and its completely different from cycling, allowing you to learn something fun whilst remaining active and building strength and fitness in the process.

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